Head in the Cloud

Central London Property company’s IT requirement was to have all of the benefits of a server and a scalable IT infrastructure without the costs of maintaining their own in-house equipment.

Client Background

Networklife Group IT brief was to design and implement a solution that would address the points below.

The final solution must be:

  • Robust, secure and reliable
  • Limit Hardware Costs
  • Limit in-house equipment
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Backed up and fully transferable
  • Reduced maintenance, repair and upgrade costs

The Solution

  • Networklife Recommended:
    Hosted solution – where Networklife Group IT provide the servers and the software hosted in our Data Centre. The Client would then use remote desktop amongst other technologies to access their servers & data.
    Netorklife provide a second set of backup servers/software located in their sister office, in case the primary servers should ever fail.
    A monthly charge applies which covers your share of the server rental, use of applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, hosted exchange for email and calendars, and all data backing up and system maintenance.

The Benefits

  • Hugely reduced capital cost
    • Predictable running costs, no more upgrades or renewal costs
    • No need for in-house servers
    • 99.9% uptime across all hosted services
    • Worry-Free backup, Networklife handle all backups
    • Backup routine and Business Continuity (with the second bank of servers in case the first bank fails)
    • Exit strategy – your configuration, databases, folders and files remain your property


There are several compelling reasons as to why a hosted solution would be the first choice these include:
• Freedom from servers, software licensing and other maintenance issues
• Your business can be securely operated from anywhere at anytime

Two for the price of one


Client Background

Central London Investment company had reached the time when they needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure, they had two ageing servers that were out of manufacturer’s warranty.
Networklife Group IT brief was to design and implement a solution that would address all of the following points.

Issues to Address

  • Server Hardware more than 5 years old
  • Multiple Servers used
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase speed and reliability
  • Benefit from automatic switching from one service to another identical service if the primary service fails
  • Backup strategy that allows fast data restoration in case of loss or failure

The Solution

Networklife Group IT Recommended a high end server with a powerful processor, ample RAM and multiple hard drives in a “raid” configuration (meaning that if one drives fails another seamlessly takes over) and of course dual power supplies. This server was then further sub- divided into multiple “virtual” server’s utilising Microsoft Hyper V technology (thus one single server undertakes the work of multiple physical servers).

The Benefits

  • Reduced capital cost
  • Worry Free Backup
  • Instant recovery in event of failure
  • Reduced running costs, maintenance, upgrades and repairs
  • Enhanced network performance


At the time of writing; the customer has had the server with Hyper V technology for more than 6 month with the smallest of teething troubles (no server downtime at all). The project has been a complete success with careful planning all of the potential pitfalls have been avoided these include:

  • Complete data migration
  • Successful integration with the host network

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What do our clients think of us

Thanks to Networklife Group, our computer frustrations are new thing of the past. We always found the support team to be friendly, helpful and very quickly respond. I love that we can pick up the phone and speak directly to an expert whenever we need to help or advice…

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