Managed SharePoint lets you to leave the pain of administration, the worry of security, and the hassle of upgrading and patching behind. ‘Managed’ means we handle all the parts you don’t want to

Need a total end-to-end solution? We do that.

Have your own experts a​nd just want to host your implementation on our specialized SharePoint servers? We do that.


Share Point Online is a market leading collaboration platform that has come of age. With SharePoint, you can develop your business collaboration solutions quickly and effectively with the rich set of tools, libraries, classes and controls that are available. The latest version of SharePoint introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organise your projects and teams. You can also use SharePoint to uncover links to social networks and relevant information.

What can SharePoint do for you and your business?

Empower your people, your customers and your partners by providing them with the tools to interact, support and innovate. All of these rich features enable you to save time and money.

  • Provide a Simple, Familiar & Consistent User Experience
  • Simplify Everyday Business Activities
  • Help Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Effectively Manage Content
  • Simplify Access to Business Data
  • Connect Employees with Information and Expertise
  • Share without Divulging Sensitive Information
  • Enable Employees to make Better-informed Decisions
  • Provide a Single, Integrated Platform
  • Web Content Management

What do our clients think of us

Thanks to Networklife Group, our computer frustrations are new thing of the past. We always found the support team to be friendly, helpful and very quickly respond. I love that we can pick up the phone and speak directly to an expert whenever we need to help or advice…

Miran,SP Limited.